Speech & Language Pathology



 Head of Department of Speech & Language Pathology



Dr. Ali Dehqan

PhD in Speech Therapy

   E-mail : ali.dehqan@zaums.ac.ir




Faculty Members

Picture       First name/ surname        Academic Degree Position E-mail CV      

Dr.Ali Dehqan  PhD. Assistant Professor dehqan@mail.com

Faezeh Asadolahpour MSc.
Lecturer faezehasadolahpour@yahoo.com

Mohadeseh Gholamian Arefi MSc.
Lecturer Gholamiyan.m@gmail.com

Najmeh Mardani Feyzabad MSc.
Lecturer najmemardani@gmail.com
Maryam Arabpour Dahui MSc. Lecturer arabpour_m68@yahoo.com



                               Tel: +985433295717-21






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